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Cigar Tower Humidors: The Ultimate Solution for Aficionados

Cigar Tower Humidors: The Ultimate Solution for Aficionados

In the world of cigar aficionados, a Cigar Tower is more than just a storage unit—it's a statement piece that combines both functionality and aesthetic appeal. A distinctive feature among serious collectors and enthusiasts, a Cigar Tower is a type of large cabinet humidor designed to preserve and age a significant collection of cigars. Crafted to maintain the optimal humidity and temperature for cigar preservation, these towers come equipped with Spanish cedar linings, shelves, and drawers, catering to the various sizes and shapes of cigars. Their imposing stature and decorative elements often become the centerpiece of a room, showcasing the owner's commitment to the craft of cigar collecting.

The importance of a reliable humidor in protecting and maturing a cigar collection cannot be overstated. Humidors like the Olde English Cigar Tower are engineered to house up to 3,500 cigars, maintaining the delicate balance of moisture that cigars require. These units typically contain advanced features, such as adjustable shelves, removable trays with dividers, and built-in electronic humidification systems, ensuring that cigars remain in their peak condition for consumption. Additionally, incorporating a Cigar Tower into one's collection speaks to the enthusiast's dedication to the ritual of cigar smoking and the preservation of flavor and quality over time.

By selecting a proper Cigar Tower, connoisseurs of tobacco can effortlessly manage a large collection while also displaying their prized cigars with pride. Whether in a private home or a commercial setting, a well-chosen humidor becomes an essential tool in the enjoyment and storage of cigars, merging tradition with technology to provide the ideal environment for cigar aging. It stands as a testament to the cigar lover's passion and the lengths to which they will go to protect their investments in the fine art of cigar smoking.

Design and Features

A Cigar Tower is a statement piece for aficionados, combining both elegant aesthetics with functional design. Its robust build and advanced humidification system ensure cigars are preserved at optimal conditions, incorporating adjustable features and ample storage solutions for an organized collection.

Material and Build Quality

Constructed with durability in mind, Cigar Towers often feature a stainless steel body that blocks harmful UV rays. The doors, typically composed of dual pane tempered beveled glass, add a sophisticated visual appeal while maintaining an airtight environment. High-quality wood such as Spanish cedar is usually used for the interior linings and drawers, enhancing the tower's ability to regulate humidity and impart a subtle cedar aroma to the cigars.

Capacity and Storage Options

One can expect a range from 500 to 3000 cigar capacity within these towers, catering to both personal and commercial collections. They are designed with adjustable shelves and removable trays, providing versatility in organizing different cigar sizes. To enhance storage organization, dividers can be used to separate cigar types or brands. Additionally, interior a/c outlets may be included to power electronic humidifiers or lights without the need for external wiring.

Humidification Technology

Cigar Towers maintain the integrity of stored cigars using an adjustable thermoelectric cooling system that can often be set between 51°F and 72°F. A key feature is the removable humidification tray, which, along with hygrometer readings, ensures the precise climate control necessary for preserving cigars' flavor and quality. The quiet design of these systems ensures they can be placed in any room without contributing to noise pollution.

Cigar Preservation

Proper cigar preservation is crucial for a cigar smoker who values the quality and longevity of their cigars. Maintaining the right environment ensures cigars remain in pristine condition, ready to provide the optimal smoking experience.

Optimal Humidity Levels

For cigars to remain in a state conducive to preservation, the humidity levels within their storage need to be controlled meticulously. The recommended relative humidity (RH) for cigars is between 68-72%. This specific range prevents cigars from drying out, which can lead to a burning hotter and faster smoke, or becoming too moist, which can cause mold growth and a difficult draw. A humidification system is essential in a cigar tower, often utilizing products like humidification packs, sponges, or more state-of-the-art features that regulate moisture content precisely.

Temperature Control

The temperature in which cigars are stored is just as pivotal as the humidity level. Temperature control must be consistent, with the ideal range falling between 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 21 degrees Celsius). Fluctuations in temperature can lead to the expansion and contraction of cigars, potentially damaging their structure and altering the smoking quality. Some humidors are equipped with advanced temperature control mechanisms that ensure a stable environment—protecting the cigars from external heat sources or sudden changes in ambient temperature, thus preserving their state and longevity.

Selection and Organization

When curating a cigar collection, meticulous selection and organization are paramount. These practices not only preserve the quality but also showcase the collection in an accessible and appealing manner.

Sorting and Cataloging

A collector should start by sorting their cigars based on factors like brand, size, or flavor profile. For efficient cataloging, it is advisable to use a system that delineates sections within the cigar tower. This could include Spanish cedar shelves and drawers for box storage, with potentially adjustable shelves to accommodate various box sizes. The Olde English Cigar Tower offers a stellar example with up to 3,500 cigar capacity and 12 Spanish cedar drawers for single storage, ideal for an expansive selection.

Accessibility and Display

Cigars should be displayed in a way that allows easy access while highlighting the collection. Consideration of corner wheels may enhance mobility, which is beneficial in larger cabinets. The benefits of cigar cabinets include not just storage but also the ability to present cigars attractively. Cabinets like the Mini Cigar Tower Humidor feature a 1,000+ Capacity, balancing accessibility and aesthetic. Clear glass doors can provide a full view, turning a collection into a visual centerpiece.

By focusing on the selection and organization in a cigar tower, collectors ensure their investments are preserved in optimal conditions and are proudly showcased for enjoyment and admiration.

Consumer Considerations

When choosing a Cigar Tower, consumers should weigh the credibility of reviews and recommendations, and assess the pricing against the value offered. It is essential to not only consider the cost but also to look for user-identified themes and broad selection that meets their needs.

Reviews and Recommendations

Consumers frequently visit a cigar shop to purchase a Cigar Tower, where they rely on in-store expert reviews and online reviews. The Dominican El Trovador Maduro Corona from PDR Cigars, for example, was highlighted for its 91 points score and affordability, making it a top Best Buy. On the other hand, purchasers should be aware of the rarity of fake reviews, reflecting the considerable effort most reviewers place in providing accurate descriptions. As discerning buyers, they seek broad selection and detailed user-identified themes that match the narrative of their smoking experience.

Pricing and Value

Regarding pricing and value, it's beneficial for buyers to compare the range of options available. For customers seeking cigar cabinets or humidor cabinets, the price point varies greatly:

  • Cigar Cabinets: Buyers can find options ranging from relatively inexpensive solutions to luxury models with a wide array of features.
  • Humidor Cabinets: These commonly attract higher prices due to their functionality but are vital for long-term storage and the preservation of cigars.

A well-informed consumer will evaluate whether the higher cost of a Cigar Tower aligns with a significant increase in value. This includes assessing the quality of materials, the capacity for cigar storage, and the consistency of humidity control crucial for a well-maintained collection. High-end models found in specialty stores often justify their prices by offering advanced features that enhance the user experience.

Installation and Maintenance

When installing a Cigar Tower, the emphasis is on ensuring proper placement and setting up an efficient air ventilation system, while maintenance focuses on the upkeep of its structural and functional components. These steps guarantee its longevity and the optimal preservation of cigars.

Setting Up Your Cigar Tower

Installing a Cigar Tower typically involves a must ship via ltl (less-than-truckload) shipping method due to its size and the care required in handling. Expect a significant wait time for delivery. Upon arrival, installation starts with attaching the wheels included to the base, allowing for easy relocation if necessary. The central component of the system, the fan, must be strategically located to create an effective air modulation system, which will prevent smoke stagnation.

  • Drawer Unit: Your Cigar Tower may come with an 8 drawer unit, each equipped with a gold plated lock and knob for securing valuable cigars.
  • Hinges: Pay attention to the hidden piano hinges during assembly, ensuring they are properly aligned for smooth operation.

Long-Term Care

The long-term care of a Cigar Tower is vital for preserving both the unit and the cigars inside. Regularly clean the drawer unit to avoid build-up of residue that could affect the flavor of cigars. Replace filters and perform maintenance on the ventilation system as recommended to maintain air quality.

  • Filter Checks: Check the exhaust fan's filters regularly and replace them according to the manufacturer's guidance.
  • Locks and Hinges: Gold plated locks need periodic polishing to prevent tarnishing, and hidden piano hinges should be checked for any signs of wear or the need for lubrication to keep the doors operating smoothly.

By following these detailed steps for setup and ongoing care, the Cigar Tower will serve as both a functional and elegant solution for aficionados seeking the perfect storage and aging condition for their cigars.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions section provides insights into maintaining and selecting a cigar tower humidor, offering advice on storage, humidity control, and purchase considerations.

How do you maintain proper humidity levels in a cigar tower humidor?

Maintaining proper humidity levels in a cigar tower humidor involves the use of hygrometers to monitor humidity and humidification devices to adjust moisture levels, ensuring cigars remain fresh and well-preserved.

What are the benefits of investing in a high-end cigar tower like the Olde English or KingChii 2200?

Investing in high-end towers such as the Olde English or KingChii 2200 enhances the aesthetic appeal and offers superior craftsmanship, which can translate to more precise humidity control and longer lifespan for both the humidor and the cigars stored within it.

Where is the best place to purchase a cigar tower humidor online?

The best place to purchase a cigar tower humidor online is from reputable retailers or directly from manufacturers that specialize in cigar storage, ensuring quality and customer service.

What should I look for when selecting a cigar tower for my collection?

When selecting a cigar tower, one should consider the quality of materials, the reliability of the humidification system, the size to accommodate the collection, and the presence of features like locks and seals for security and preservation.

How do I determine the capacity I need for a cigar humidor cabinet?

One determines the capacity needed for a cigar humidor cabinet by assessing their current collection size and accounting for any future acquisitions, ensuring there's enough space to place cigars without overcrowding.

Are there any specific considerations when storing cigars in larger quantities, such as in a tower humidor?

When storing cigars in larger quantities, it’s essential to consider consistent humidity and temperature control across all shelves, adequate air circulation, and the use of dividers or trays to keep different cigar types separated and organized.

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