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The Best Cabinet Humidors: Top Picks for Cigar Enthusiasts

The Best Cabinet Humidors: Top Picks for Cigar Enthusiasts

Cabinet humidors serve a pivotal role for cigar enthusiasts, offering an optimal environment to store and age cigars. Quality and features can vary widely among cabinet humidors, making the selection process crucial for both the casual hobbyist and the serious collector.

They range from smaller units capable of housing several hundred cigars to large furniture-style pieces that can accommodate thousands. These units have varying degrees of craftsmanship, humidity control, and aesthetic appeal.

Selecting the best cabinet humidor depends on a variety of factors, including capacity, materials, humidification systems, and budget.

For those seeking both style and substance, models like the Madison humidor combine cherry veneers and a dark walnut finish with the ability to hold up to 3,500 cigars. Meanwhile, professional-grade options provide advanced humidification technology to maintain the ideal conditions for cigar preservation.

Before making a purchase, it's advisable to consider the humidors' construction, the reliability of its hygrometric systems, and the type of maintenance it will require.

With the right cabinet humidor, maintaining a collection of cigars at their peak flavor and freshness becomes an effortless part of the cigar aficionado lifestyle.

Understanding Cabinet Humidors

When choosing a cabinet humidor, it's important to consider the components that ensure the preservation and aging of cigars as well as the different types available to suit various needs and preferences.

Key Components of Humidors

The primary goal of a humidor is to maintain a stable environment in which cigars can be stored. This includes regulating both humidity and temperature.

Spanish cedar is often the wood of choice for the interior of humidors due to its moisture retention properties and resistance to warping.

A key feature inside the humidor is the hygrometer, which measures the humidity level, and the humidifier, which helps to maintain the desired humidity.

Component Function Importance
Spanish Cedar Helps maintain humidity and imparts a desirable aroma Prevents mold and repels pests
Hygrometer Measures interior humidity levels Enables fine-tuning of conditions
Humidifier Adds or removes moisture to maintain relative humidity Essential for proper cigar preservation

Types of Humidors

Among the different types of humidors, each is designed to cater to specific storage needs.

A desk top humidor is usually for personal use, holding anywhere from 25 to 500 cigars. Meanwhile, a travel humidor offers a durable solution to protect cigars during transit.

While acrylic humidors are known for their modern appearance and durability, a small humidor fits well in tight spaces.

  • Glass top humidor: Often chosen for their aesthetic, allowing visibility of the contents without opening.
  • Cabinet humidor: Suited for extensive collections, it can store thousands of cigars and often incorporates climate control.
  • Wooden humidor: The traditional choice, featuring craftsmanship and the beneficial properties of woods like Spanish cedar.
  • Electric cabinet humidor: Offers precise electronic control over temperature and humidity for long-term aging and storage.

Cigar aficionados may consider humidors with additional cigar humidor features, such as locking mechanisms, digital displays, or LED lighting, for both function and display purposes.

Maintaining Optimal Cigar Storage Conditions

Providing the ideal environment for cigars is critical for their preservation and aging. Proper management of humidity and temperature is essential, as they play pivotal roles in maintaining the quality of a cigar collection.

Importance of Humidity Control

Controlling humidity levels is crucial for cigar storage. Cigars should be kept at a relative humidity (RH) between 65% and 72% to keep them from drying out or becoming too moist.

Use a hygrometer, with digital models being more accurate, to monitor the RH. Meanwhile, humidifiers come in various formats, from sponges to beads to gels, but many enthusiasts recommend using Boveda packs for the most effective and maintenance-free option.

To maintain this balance:

  • Use distilled water in humidifiers to prevent mold and bacteria growth.
  • Calibrate hygrometers regularly to ensure accuracy.
  • Adjust humidifiers according to season and climate changes.

Impact of Temperature

Temperature control is equally significant in cigar storage. The ideal temperature for storing cigars is around 70°F (21°C), which helps to prevent the hatching of cigar beetles, a common pest that can ruin a cigar collection.

Maintaining a consistent temperature also aids in preserving the cigar's essential oils and flavors.

To manage and maintain proper temperature:

Selecting the Best Cabinet Humidors

When choosing the best cabinet humidors, consumers should pay close attention to features such as construction, capacity, and humidity control technologies. Reviewing expert opinions and user feedback is crucial for informed decision-making.

Features to Consider

  • Construction Quality: Look for durable materials like hardwoods with a walnut or cherry finish, and options like stainless steel for modern aesthetics. SureSeal technology is vital for ensuring a tight seal and consistent humidity.
  • Capacity: Cabinet humidors come in various sizes. A Bermuda Cigar Cabinet or a Remington Cabinet may be suitable for extensive collections, while the Solana Desktop caters to smaller collections.
  • Humidity Control: Reliable humidity control can be found in the NewAir 250 Count electric humidor. For traditional control, the Prestige Import Group Milano Countertop Display is notable.
  • Warranty and Shipping: Verify the manufacturer's warranty and the shipping policy. Some sellers may offer more comprehensive coverage or better shipping conditions.


Feature Description
SureSeal Technology Ensures proper lid closure to maintain consistent humidity.
Cigar Capacity Ranges from desktop models holding 25 cigars to large cabinets holding 1000+
Construction Materials Typical materials include cherry or walnut hardwoods and stainless steel.
Warranty Look for products that offer a substantial warranty period.
Humidity Control Systems May include electronic or passive systems to regulate internal humidity.

Top Cabinet Humidor Reviews

  • The Redford Lite is often praised for its value and innovative features, offering a large capacity with electronic climate control.
  • The Case Elegance Renzo Humidor combines aesthetic preferences with functionality, including a magnetic enclosure and scratch-resistant felt bottom.
  • For a glass top option, the Case Elegance Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor is a blend of style and practicality, with visual appeal and efficient humidity control.


  • Best Value: Redford Lite for its balance of features and cost.
  • Best for Large Collections: The Remington Cabinet due to its substantial capacity and advanced humidity control.
  • Best for Small Collections: Solana Desktop for its compact size and elegant design.
  • Best Display: The Prestige Import Group Milano Countertop Display for its visibility and functionality.

The Care and Maintenance of Humidors

Proper care and maintenance are crucial for the longevity and performance of cabinet humidors. A well-maintained humidor can provide the optimum environment for cigars, ensuring they remain fresh and age well. Below are the best practices for routine upkeep and troubleshooting common issues that may arise.

Routine Humidor Maintenance

Monthly Checks:

To maintain a cabinet humidor, aficionados should perform a series of monthly checks. Verify that the humidity levels are within the ideal range of 65-70% RH, using a reliable hygrometer, such as those found in the Prestige Import Group Landmark Chest Style Cigar Humidor.

  • Humidifiers and Hydro Systems:
  • Regularly refill humidifiers with distilled water or a propylene glycol solution, based on the manufacturer's instructions.
  • For those using advanced electronic humidification systems, ensure the reservoir is clean and free of any mold or mineral build-up.
  • Calibration of the Thermometer:
  • Use a calibrated thermometer to ensure accurate temperature readings. A consistent temperature is key, ideally maintained with thermoelectric cooling systems often found in high-end humidifiers like the C-Series Electronic Humidor.

Seasonal Adjustments:

Changes in the home environment, such as using heaters in winter or a/c outlets in summer, can affect humidor conditions. For those with recessed insulation, check and adjust the humidifier settings as needed to counteract these changes.


Keeping a cabinet humidor clean is essential. The TISFA recommends wiping the interior with a lint-free cloth dampened with distilled water during seasonal maintenance to remove any accumulated dust or debris without affecting the wood's moisture content.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Inconsistent Humidity or Temperature Levels

One may encounter difficulty in maintaining steady humidity or temperature levels. Mantello Humidors, including the Mantello Royal Glass-Top Cigar Humidor, are equipped with front digital hygrometers that make it simpler to spot fluctuations.

  • Check the seal of the humidor to ensure it is airtight. If not, re-season the humidor and inspect the seals or hinges for any leaks.
  • For electronic systems like the Opti-Temp, consult the user manual or customer support for recalibration instructions.

Mold and Odor Development

To prevent mold and other odors:

  • Ensure that the humidifier does not over-saturate the interior. An electronic humidification system can help stabilize conditions.
  • Inspect cigars regularly. Remove any that are moldy to prevent cross-contamination.

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking to buy a cabinet humidor, prospective buyers usually have several questions regarding features, size, benefits, maintenance, price performance, and customization. The following subsections address these common inquiries with specific details.

What are the key features to look for when selecting a cabinet humidor?

Key features essential for a quality cabinet humidor include a reliable humidification system, accurate hygrometer for monitoring humidity levels, and a well-crafted interior for organization. Features may vary, but the goal is to ensure optimal conditions for cigar preservation.

How do you determine the appropriate size for a cabinet humidor?

The size of a cabinet humidor should align with one's individual collection size and anticipated growth. For substantial collections or commercial use, options like the Commercial 5,000 Cabinet Humidor may be suitable, offering extensive storage space.

What are the benefits of having an electric humidor cabinet?

An electric humidor cabinet, such as those with LCD climate control, provides consistent humidity and temperature management, critical for long-term cigar aging and preservation without frequent manual adjustments.

How should a cabinet humidor be properly maintained for optimal cigar preservation?

Maintenance involves regular monitoring of humidity levels, refilling humidification devices, and ensuring seals are intact. Some units come with electronic systems that automatically manage these factors, reducing the need for frequent manual upkeep.

What is the difference in performance between budget and premium cigar humidors?

Performance differences often lie in build quality, materials, and additional features such as climate control and electronic humidification. While a budget humidor can be functional, premium models tend to provide superior humidity control and construction for long-term durability and improved cigar aging.

How does one effectively convert a cabinet into a humidor?

To convert a cabinet into a humidor, you need to follow these steps:

First, seal the interior. Then, install a humidification system and add a hygrometer. Finally, line it with Spanish cedar for humidity regulation and aroma. Properly sealing the cabinet is crucial to maintaining consistent humidity levels within.

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