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Backorder Policy

If an order is placed on a product that is listed as back-ordered (or is advised), our protocol is to charge the customer's credit card or PayPal account. In order to have more control over this unfortunate fulfillment delay, we must process your payment when your order is placed to prevent:

    1. Undesired delays in receipt of your product by you until proper information can be provided by you to us because of unintentional change of payment information.
    2. Intentional attempts at fraudulent receipt of products by way of purposely providing false payment information.
    3. Collecting and handling of your sensitive financial information through a delayed date of order fulfillment and shipment. Our strict internal controls are in place to limit impressions or realities of fraud, and we make every effort to not, at any point, be in possession of your sensitive financial information.   

Therefore we do this to avoid costly and frustrating postponements, cancellations, rerouting, and in some cases unfortunate fraudulent receipt of shipments. This usually happens due to intentional or unintentionally submitted false payment information. Therefore, this back-order protocol has been put in place to limit unnecessary and excessive costs of doing business, which allows us to keep our prices lower for you, our customer. Thank you for your patience and understanding with any back-order you may place with us.

While Waiting...

If you placed a back-order and you did not intend to do so, you may do the following:

    1. Review other comparable products on our site for purchase in place of your current order. If you would like to modify your order, please place a new order and contact us immediately after so we can refund your original order.
    2. If your your order has not already shipped, we can cancel and refund your order in full after a brief period of confirming the order cancellation with the manufacturer. You can e-mail us at with your cancellation request. You may also request inventory availability so a new order can be placed when the item becomes available.
  • Please wait a minimum of four (4) business days for your credit card company to post the credit. 

Please note, that unless we are advised by you in a written email reply indicating either of the above two options prior to shipment, we will assume that you want to keep your present order in place until the product is available to ship (requiring no post-order response from you). We will continue to diligently work on your behalf with the manufacturer to fulfill your order as soon as possible and advise on freight and tracking information when it is made available to us.

Lastly, all ETA's are subject to change. The Gameroom Joint does not and cannot control any timeline regarding orders due to us solely being an Authorized Dealer of each of the brands we sell, not the brand/manufacturer of the products ourselves.


Talk to a representative at (855) 515-4545 or email us at You can also reach out via our Contact Us Page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.