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The Gameroom Joint Customer reviews

We take immense pride in creating an unparalleled gaming and leisure experience at The Gameroom Joint.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the high-quality products we offer, carefully curated from top brands. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we value the feedback from our community.

Your reviews not only help us refine our offerings but also inspire us to continue providing the best in entertainment. Thank you for choosing The Gameroom Joint – where every game is an adventure and every moment is cherished!

Our Favorite Review Highlights

Pac-Man Pixel Bash Home Arcade - The Gameroom Joint

Absolutely thrilled with my Pacman Arcade Machine from The Gameroom Joint! The nostalgic joy it brings is unparalleled. The seamless ordering process and swift delivery exceeded my expectations. Kudos to the team for exceptional service. The Gameroom Joint has earned my trust and admiration – highly recommended for both product quality and top-notch customer service!

Douglas S.

Killerspin 415 max deep blu ping pong table

Just received the Killerspin 415 Max ping pong table from The Gameroom Joint, and I am beyond impressed! The craftsmanship and design are top-notch, providing an exceptional playing surface. The ordering process was smooth, and the delivery was prompt. The Gameroom Joint's commitment to quality and service shines through. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Ready for countless hours of thrilling table tennis action!

Amanda K.

BBO Elite Alpha Poker Table - The Gameroom Joint

The BBO Elite Alpha poker table from The Gameroom Joint is an absolute game-changer! The attention to detail in its design, the luxurious feel of the playing surface, and the sturdy construction exceeded my expectations. Ordering was a breeze, and the delivery was prompt and hassle-free. This table has elevated our poker nights to a whole new level. The Gameroom Joint has a customer for life – outstanding product and service!

Michael P.

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BBO Elite Poker Table Customer Review Photo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 333 reviews
It's the best

Super glad I decided to splurge on the best humidor out there! It's such a stunning piece of furniture. Really showcases my favorite cigars in the best way. Ben was awesome during the price negotiation and made sure it got shipped out super fast in time for the holidays. The way they packed it up in a crate, there was no way it was getting damaged during shipping. Yeah, there's a bit of calibration needed, but honestly, I don't mind tinkering with it. And now, for the best part—filling it up!

Looks Awesome Works Very Well

This piece is straight-up gorgeous and shows off my cigar collection just right. Getting everything set up just so takes a bit of patience, since the unit adjusts its temp and might kick on the compressor to tackle high humidity, leading to this quirky scenario where it's heating and cooling at the same time—one to warm the space up, the other to knock the humidity down.

I'm aiming to find that sweet spot where it doesn't have to work so hard, but all in all, I'm pretty stoked about snagging this.

The Humidor Is Awesome

The unit's got some real weight and sturdiness to it, and it looks pretty sharp, too. Had a smooth experience with from start to finish, and the delivery was spot on. The only hiccup is the humidifier's accuracy and its tendency to fluctuate throughout the day. You might want to toss in a couple of digital hygrometers inside since the built-in one isn't the most reliable (though I believe you can tweak it with some calibration).

Extremely satisfied with this one

Totally digging this humidor. It's hefty, with an awesome seal, and honestly feels like a piece of quality furniture. Showed up exactly as expected, packed super securely in a crate, with delivery hitting the mark perfectly. It needed a bit of tweaking and some effort to get the humidity control just right, but once I got it all figured out, it's been smooth sailing. It really makes my collection look good, especially with those neat little lights in the door shining through. Kinda wish there was a bit more room for personalization, though. I was hoping to add an extra shelf or two and reached out about it but didn't get a response. If there's a way to squeeze in more shelves, that'd be awesome. But overall, super happy with this buy and would definitely suggest it to my fellow cigar enthusiasts.

Really glad about this purchase

So, first up, I get why people wonder how I can puff through so many cigars. Simple - one at a time. This humidor? Absolute gem, works like a dream. Took about 4 days to get it all set up and stocked, and since then, it's been smooth sailing. It arrived in a crate built just for it, which was pretty cool. Getting it going was a breeze too—had the water in and everything set up in about 10 minutes, even with a glance through the instructions. This was a treat to myself, not about showing off. I'm all about enjoying my cigars and keeping them in top shape. The customer service was on point, super helpful with any questions I had, and the delivery speed blew me away. Totally thrilled with this purchase.

A functional beauty

The unit arrived just as pictured. There's a bit of a difference between the humidity it shows and what my go-to hygrometers inside report, but it's been holding steady for about 4 days now. Honestly, I could tweak the display to match the real humidity levels, but as long as my cigars are chilling at the right humidity, I'm not too fussed about the numbers. Everything's running smoothly. The humidity levels from top to bottom are pretty consistent, never off by more than 2% RH. The interior light is a total win, even got a nod of approval from my usually skeptical wife who thinks it's stunning. It arrived quickly, and it took three of us to maneuver it up a couple of small steps into my office—it's a hefty 220 lbs, but it was well packaged and arrived without a scratch. This humidor is a beast, and it's joining two others in my collection.

The Gameroom Joint Treated Me Right!!!

This humidor is pretty great. I wasn't thrilled with the condition it was in when I first received it, but Ken quickly laid down all of my concerns. I am very happy I spent the money on a quality humidor from a quality company. No need to hesitate on buying the Remington Lite, you'll be happy with the product and the customer service.

A great decision indeed, thanks guys

Great Humidor. Turn Key. Great Price
Aging my Cigars truly made easy.

A Great Choice

Very nice and well built cabinet humidor. Easily holds up to 2,000 cigars. Looks great. Packaged very well when delivered. Worth the cost. If you want a classy cabinet humidor then this is the one for you. Needless to day, I'm very happy I purchased this cabinet humidor after many months of research.

Top tier unit

This unit is a solid choice and looks awesome in a cigar room. Setting it up is a breeze. I'd recommend picking up an external hygrometer to pair with it, just so you've got a benchmark for calibration. There's a gold screw on the hygrometer that'll need a little fiddling to dial in just right. Aim for that sweet spot of 70% humidity and 70°F. Might take a couple of days, but it's worth the effort. The folks at The Gameroom Joint were super awesome and helpful over the phone for any questions, too. Once you've got it all set up, maintaining it is pretty straightforward—just add water to the RH chamber as needed. Give it a few days, and you'll notice your cigars getting that perfect level of moisture back. Definitely a 5/5 from me for this unit.

My first cabinet humidor

Just upgraded my cigar storage to a bigger and more solid humidor, and snagging it from these guys was a total win—great price, top-notch product, stellar customer service, and smooth delivery. Was a bit anxious about getting something this hefty shipped to my spot in rural Colorado, but man, was I pumped when it showed up right between snowstorms two weeks back, packed like Fort Knox to keep it safe. Gave it a week to get its seasoning on before I started moving my cigar collection into this beauty. Super stoked with my buy, though I know it's gonna need some regular check-ins and TLC to keep it being the ultimate home for my cigars. Already plotting to build a walk-in humidor with The Gameroom Joint next. No humidor's perfect, but this one's pretty darn close for me—any little issues, I figure I'll just tweak it with some smart fixes and accessories. Really happy with it and can't wait to enjoy it through the year. Here's to many chilled sessions with BBQ Jeff!

Love the cabinet they really helped me out

This humidor is legit good. Wasn't too stoked about its shape when it first showed up, but Ben from Elegant Bar was on it and sorted everything out fast. Totally worth the cash for a solid humidor from a cool company. Don't think twice about grabbing the Remington Lite – you'll be stoked with both the gear and the service.

Awesome product and a trustworthy store

This humidor is solid and looks awesome. Came super well-packed and does its job right. Ran into a small hiccup, but The Gameroom Joint stepped up, talked to the maker for me, and sorted everything out. Super happy with how it all turned out. Definitely recommend them!

Looks amazing

This thing's a stunner, seriously makes my cigar collection look amazing. Getting it all set up just right needs a bit of patience, though. It's pretty smart – heats up or cools down depending on the temp, but gets a bit weird when it kicks the compressor on to drop high humidity. Ends up, sometimes it's heating and cooling at the same time – one to keep it warm, the other to cut down on the damp.

I'm crossing my fingers I can tweak it to run less, but all in all, I'm really happy with how it's turned out.

Super great humidor

Unit is heavy and sturdy, looks nice as well. The gameroom joint was was awesome to deal with, delivery was flawless as well. Only issue with the unit is the accuracy and variability of the humidifier. You will need to put in digital hygrometers within the unit as the one in the unit itself is not accurate (although you can calibrate it I think). It still varies quite a bit through the day.

So far a very good humidor

Been rocking this humidor since last, last winter (2022) and gave it a good few months of use before deciding to drop a review. Pretty much, I'm digging it (giving it a solid 4.5 stars). After messing around a bit and getting the hygrometer recalibrated, it's been doing its job nicely. I've got a few digital hygrometers I trust scattered inside to keep an eye on the Remington's accuracy.

Here's the breakdown of what's hot and what's not:


This thing's airtight – humidity doesn't stand a chance of escaping.
Loads of room for your stash.
The electronic (LED) display is sleek.
Comes with a humidifier, plus heating and cooling features.
It's straight-up gorgeous, like, it seriously dresses up a room.

The electronic humidification system is decent but could use some tweaking.
The spot for the water tank is kinda awkward.
I've noticed it chills out better in the winter. Come summer in the Midwest, and it's a bit of a rollercoaster with the humidity and temperature, thanks to my thermostat playing yo-yo to save on bills (and my wallet). The unit works overtime to keep things steady at my set temp (68F-70F). Winter's more chill since the house and humidor temps are more in sync. Wrapping up, the humidification system could be tighter, but it's a step up from what I had before and keeps my sizeable collection in tip-top shape.

A great investment

Got the Remington Lite (the black one) and it's legit amazing. It's a bit of a unit, but with some help and a furniture dolly, we managed to get it from the driveway into the house no problem. Taking it out of its crate was the longest part. Setting it up was a breeze: just add distilled water, dial in the temp and humidity, and let it do its thing. At first, I was a bit worried because the digital hygrometer and temperature readings seemed off, but turned out I was just being impatient. Give it around 6 hours to stabilize, and it should all work out fine. I managed to fit almost my whole stash in there, stacking boxes 2-3 high on the flat shelves and fitting singles or smaller packs on the angled shelves. Spent a couple days trying to tweak the temperature until I realized after hitting up YouTube that chasing the perfect temp is a bit of a wild goose chase. It's all about the...

Glad I purchased!!!

So, people always ask me how I can puff through so many cigars. Easy, one at a time. This humidor is a game-changer, seriously good stuff. It got here in 4 days, I loaded it up and just rolled with it. Came packed in its own solid crate. Plugging it in and getting it running with water and everything took like 10 minutes, even with me going through the instructions. Totally a treat for myself, not about showing off. I'm all about enjoying my cigars and keeping them in top shape. The service was stellar, they answered all my stuff, and the delivery speed blew my mind. Super stoked with this buy.

Remington Humidor Is Great

Got my Remington Lite and it showed up in mint condition, no sweat. At first, I was battling some wild humidity swings using distilled water in the built-in humidifier. Switched gears by slapping a 120 mm USB fan at the bottom back and swapped out the water for humidity beads. Boom, no more crazy humidity changes, and the difference from top to bottom is barely there now. Totally loving it and wouldn't think twice about getting another. Also had to tweak the hygrometer to get it just right, which was a breeze with the instructions they threw in. And dealing with E Bar? Smooth sailing all the way.

The Remington was a good choice!

From Day one the humidor has been perfect!! the humidity level has been perfect adding distilled water every 10-14 days

Better than expected...

After a bunch of online hunting, I hit the jackpot with The The Gameroom Joint - best deal and cool extras included. I was a bit jittery about it being airtight 'cause of some reviews, but turns out, the door and frame fit snugly together, and it seals up just fine. If there’s any doubt about the seal, it's super easy to fix given the design.

I snagged the Humidi-Fresh Electronic Humidifier with it, which does its job well, though it's louder than I expected. But hey, it's meant for bigger humidors, so it keeps the temp and humidity right where I need them without breaking a sweat.

Also grabbed the HygroSet - Rectangle Digital Hygrometer. Ended up getting a second one 'cause I wanted to monitor both the top and bottom shelves. If there's a difference, I just shuffle the shelves around now and then.

The Tower's got space for loads of cigars, but you gotta stack 'em high to fit a bunch in. Turns out, I'm a bit of a cigar collector (more like a hoarder, lol) and ended up needing an extra shelf, which I found online easy enough. Still got boxes I haven't even cracked open!

Definitely go for it, set it up, toss in your cigars, and then see if you need more space. Would I recommend it? For sure.

It's a hefty piece of furniture, so measure out your space. It comes really well packed, but it's heavy, and don’t expect the delivery person to lug it beyond the curb. I managed to get it inside with my dolly, and the driver was cool enough to help to the door.

I put this beast together solo, which in hindsight, might not have been the brightest idea, but hey, no disasters. Probably best not to follow my lead on that, though... lol.

My first cabinet humidor is great

Needed a bigger spot for my 2000+ cigar stash, so I went big and hit up the gameroom joint. Price, quality, customer service, delivery - all top-notch. Living out in rural Colorado, I was kinda nervous about getting something this massive delivered, but man, was I pumped when it showed up perfectly between snowstorms two weeks back. They packed it like a treasure, which it totally is to me. Gave it a week to season before I started moving my collection in, nice and slow. Super happy with it, but I know it's on me to keep an eye on it, make sure it stays the perfect home for my cigars. Already thinking about my next move: building a walk-in humidor with Elegant Bar's help. No humidor's without its quirks, but this one's perfect for me 'cause I'm all about tweaking things, adding bits and pieces here and there to make it work just right. Totally stoked and ready to enjoy it all year long. Here's to smoking with BBQ Brad!

Hands down best humidor honestly

I checked out a bunch of sites for this humidor and everywhere else was asking for a couple hundred bucks more, plus they were all on backorder. But this Tower of Power humidor got to my place in less than 5 days, and man, it totally blew my expectations out of the water. Super well-made. I'd tell anyone to go for it without a second thought.

Awesome Humidor I'm Happy!

It landed on my doorstep super quick, packaged like a pro. Getting it set up with the Cigar Oasis 3.0 was smooth, though I noticed a slight humidity difference from top to bottom, something like 5-7rh, but nothing major. The door had a bit of a draft, so I just popped some foam insulation strips around its edge and threw on a few small adjustable latches to seal it up tight. Problem solved, easy fix.

Then, to smooth out that tiny humidity gradient, I set up 4 computer fans with a fan controller for speed adjustment, and drilled a few discreet holes to improve air circulation behind the drawers. Loaded it with over 1600 cigars, gave it a couple of weeks to adjust, and now it's humming along perfectly. Temperature and humidity are stable throughout, hanging steady between 67 to 70 degrees and 66 to 69% humidity.

Honestly, these were minor tweaks, pretty standard for any large humidor tower and not at all a knock on this model. Every big piece like this might need a little personalizing. After those small adjustments, I couldn't be happier. It's a stunning piece that's now flawlessly keeping my cigars in prime condition.

Quality Humidor At Awesome Price

This humidor showed up looking spot on. Getting it into the house was a breeze once we snipped it off the pallet it came on. The materials are top-notch, and setting it up was no sweat at all - practically nothing to do to get it up and running. Now, it's chilling, keeping my cigars in perfect shape, temperature and humidity on point. No squeaks, no splits, no stress.